Technology to turbo-charge your delivery operation

We are building solutions to make urban delivery networks 10x more efficient, reduce costs ↘, and accelerate growth ↗.

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Our first product: The Optimisation Plugin

Most Fleet Management Systems (FMS) are designed for the traditional delivery model using vans, not LEVs.

We can help you overcome the limitations of your FMS and deliver more with less.

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How it works

After a simple integration with the support of our engineering team, the Plugin integrates seamlessly with your existing FMS.

  • Onfleet and magnifier (1)
    Palmo monitors your FMS, looking out for incoming new orders, your backlog and the current location of your fleet.
  • Palmo and stacking 1 (2)
    Palmo integrates orders into your delivery operation, pools them in real-time and calculates the most optimal routes.
  • Onfleet and pins (3)
    Optimised routes are created in your FMS and assigned to riders in your current app. As new orders come in, these get updated continuously.

Why you should get the Plugin

  • Automation
    Reduces manual effort

    Manual assignment of orders is costly. 

    Let Palmo do the work for you and enable your operations team to shift their focus elsewhere.

  • Shaka
    Easy to integrate

    The plugin neatly integrates into your existing fleet management system (e.g. Onfleet, M-Tools, Locus, etc). 

    No need for a complex migration.

  • Growthj
    Helps you grow

    Overcome the rider shortage by delivering more with your existing fleet

    Our optimisation can increase your utilisation rate by 2-3x.

We power sustainable delivery fleets in cities

Palmo is designed to turbo-charge a plethora of urban delivery models on light electric vehicles (LEVs), including:

  • Zoomo
  • Dockr
  • Vok

Why is the Plugin critical?

Today's Fleet Management Systems are not built for light electric vehicles. As a result, they remain a major pain point for operators and a barrier to higher utilisation rates.

  • Confusion
    Auto-assignment doesn't work

    Operators have to manually assign orders to couriers, wasting valuable resources.

    ⇒ Operation costs increase.

  • 60m
    Poor handling of on-demand

    Systems fail to incorporate on-demand tasks (<60min to delivery) with pre-scheduled ones.

    ⇒ Pooling of orders is blocked.

  • 404
    Broken route optimisation

    Suggested routes are often off, particularly when combining multiple schedules and pickups. 

    ⇒ Delivery resources are wasted.

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