Technology to turbo-charge your delivery operation

We make your urban delivery business more efficient and easier to operate.

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The Palmo AutoPilot


The AutoPilot easily integrates with your Delivery Management System and automatically pools and assigns orders to riders in real-time.

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    2x efficiency
    Improve your utilisation and deliver twice as much per rider.
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    Reduced costs
    Save the cost of a dispatching team and let the AutoPilot do the work.
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    Improved focus
    Dispatching is time-consuming. Free up your team and let them focus on your clients & riders.

Automate your dispatching

The AutoPilot monitors your orders and automatically pools and assigns them to your riders. Let your team focus on more important tasks, while increasing efficiency at the same time.

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Superpowers for your dispatching team

Prefer to dispatch manually? No problem. The AutoPilot will suggest efficient routes and pool orders. Your team can preview and accept the suggestions, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Customise your dispatching algorithm

Every delivery business has its unique properties, and you can reflect these in the algorithm. Adjust how you want to handle delays, vehicle types, and much more - and do so on a team level.

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We power sustainable delivery fleets in cities

Palmo is designed to turbo-charge a plethora of urban delivery models on light electric vehicles (LEVs), including:

  • Zoomo
  • Dockr
  • Vok

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