The future of urban logistics

We are on a mission to lower the cost of sustainable delivery dramatically
and replace vans on a large scale.

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Light Electric Vehicles are the way forward

LEVs are far superior to vans when it comes to CO2-emissions, pollution, speed, congestion and cost. 

And we are working on accelerating the adoption of LEV logistics.

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A marketplace for affordable LEV logistics

Enable retailers to ship from within the city, while providing improved income opportunities for LEV fleets.

Reach out if you are retailer or operate an LEV fleet.

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    At <3€ per order, LEV delivery will be less than half the cost of vans.
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    Retailers and LEV fleets have only one integration to manage.
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    Ubiquitous use of LEVs will be key in improving climate & cities.

The people behind Palmo

Driven by annual double-digit growth in ecommerce, delivery vans externalities’ keep increasing at a rapid pace: CO2 emissions, air pollution and congestion.

We believe that we can accelerate the transition away from vans to LEVs through technology and coordination - and that's precisely what we are building.

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    Sustainable mobility & delivery veteran, founder of

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    Builder, 2x Co-founder & CTO, Full-stack developer & AI wizard.

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